Wilkas Sandwalker

A minor trader with the Greylock Trading Consortium, Wilkas is a Balican dwarf trying to make a name for himself by running trade routes between Balic and Tyr.


Wilkas is a young, for a dwarf, trying to amass a fortune as a trader in the Greylock Trading Consortium. While more senior agents trade in exotic spices and gems, and while the great trading houses consult with the Kings and Queens of Athas, Wilkas is at the bottom rung of the Consortium running livestock and textiles between Balic and Tyr.

While Wilkas is inexperienced and lacks the societal connections of other Balican merchants, he has a keen sense of opportunity and a hopeless optimism. As any trader with a sense of profiteering would know, the fall of the Sorcerer-King in Tyr presents ample opportunity for profits. Unrest begets demand which begets profits. Wilkas will have his share. Even the recent death of his brother does little to deter Wilkas for making his name on Athas.

Wilkas Sandwalker

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